All our products are conceived and designed in-house, both for standard production and for special customizations requested by our customers.

Once the theoretical part is completed, we move on to prototype development in order to test its reliability and the correspondence with the design. Once the necessary tests are passed, we proceed with production, maintaining the highest quality performance thanks to a staff with over twenty years of experience.

Cobb produces the following products upon customers’ express request:

Light guides with quartz optical fibers (silica/silica) with SMA, FC, and ST connectors are generally used for laser applications.

Fiber optic light guides are used for spectrophotometers, medical and industrial endoscopic instruments. These light guides can have circular, linear, or randomized arrangements of optical fibers.

Our light guides are made using synthetic optical fibers (PMMA), glass, and quartz.

One of the main activities and strengths of Cobb Fiber Ottiche is the ability to assist our customers in finding the right solution for their applications and providing tailor-made products that fully meet their technical requirements.

Our business spans across various sectors, including:

  • Medical
  • Biological
  • Research
  • Nuclear
  • Astronomical
  • Military
  • Instrumental
COBB produces multiple special customizations upon customer request.
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