Cobb Fibre Ottiche is specialized in the production and design of fiber optic lighting and LED lighting systems for all their applications.

COBB takes care of fiber optic lighting and lighting LED in all their scope, both in design and production, as it uses a team with decades of experience. 

The categories in which it is possible to divide the LED lighting:

  • LED marker
  • LED Profiles
  • LED spotlights
  • LED strips (SMD)

As regards the categories they are optical fibers: museum lighting, showcases, special effects, advertising signs, signpost and road safety courses.

You can view all our products in different sections of LED and fiber optics, or you can download the necessary documents in the appropriate section.

Our production site and Showroom
in Treviolo, in the province of Bergamo
Our production site and Showroom in Treviolo, in the province of Bergamo
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Fiber Optics

Flexible, resistant to the most adverse atmospheric conditions, not subject to electrical noise, insensitive to temperature changes, light and very thin, the fibers optic lighting solutions are more versatile and safer than traditional lighting systems. The optical fibers possess peculiar advantages over traditional lighting systems:

  • thanks to the flexibility of the beams to optical fibers, it is possible to realize lighting systems with paths also very elaborate
  • the fiber optic lighting is particularly safe because the beams in optical fibers do not conduct or gas, no heat or electricity
  • the beams in optical fibers may be used for lighting in environments exposed to the weather or in the presence of sources of heat or moisture
  • scenic effects both with the beams in longitudinal transmission, both with the beams with light emission side
  • COBB creates the bundles with fiber glass or plastic PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate).

The glass optical fibers are assembled into bundles with the possibility of obtaining different diameters optical, are protected by sheaths Megolon or PVC self-extinguishing.

There are also glass fiber optic side glow with light emitting side: fiber optic bundles “Side-Glow” consist of up to 400 queues outside diameter of the PVC transparent 2.2 mm diameter optical fiber of 1.3 mm (Size-1) and maximum recommended length of 5 m. The beams with synthetic fiber optics PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) produced by Three I are available as monofibers not coated with different diameters from 0.25 to 3.0 mm. Assembling fibers of 0.75 mm or 1 mm contained in protective sheath self-extinguishing PVC is possible to obtain beams of large diameters. Also in PMMA optical fiber cables are available lateral emission, which allow you to decorate and highlight building facades, walkways, ceilings, floors, walls, internal or external: Thanks to these features are an excellent lighting solution to delineate paths, indicate escape routes, define pools, fountains, gardens, etc.. Characterized by great versatility, durability, and strength, the fiber optic lighting systems are composed primarily of a light source, the illuminator, by a fiber optic bundle and several accessories to complete the system. The beam fiber optic is made by assembling glass fibers or synthetic fibers with a common connector and different types of terminals.

The illuminator is a container in which you place the halogen or metal halide, a filter UV and IR, a fan muted, a transformer, an electronic ignition system for metal halide version. Both for glass optical fibers, for both the synthetic fiber optics, are available different models of illuminators with halogen lamps, metal halide lamps or LEDs. The accessories for fiber optic systems are mainly fixed supports or adjustable for fixing the beams to optical fibers, or spotlights fixed or adjustable.

LED lighting

The use of LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, is highly prevalent in recent years in many fields of application, ranging from traffic lights to infrared remote controls.

The spread of the LEDs in the industry has occurred is due to advances in technology, which have enabled the production of LEDs in different colors from red (which initially was the only color available for the LEDs) and thanks to the intrinsic characteristics of the LEDs : high reliability, high efficiency, blong life. The LEDs have many advantages such as the long duration of operation, the absence of maintenance costs, high efficiency compared to halogen lamps and incandescent lamps, safe operation, the light clean because it lacks components IR and UV, the flexibility installation of the light point, the absence of mercury, the possibility of a strong spot effect, the cold ignition, insensitivity to humidity and vibrations, and the ease of realization of efficient optical plastic and glass. The main characteristics of LEDs are miniaturization, dynamic effects such as color change RGB, enhancement of form and volume, long life and strength, saturated colors and spectacular effects and design. The LEDs can be used in all spaces, private homes, offices, museums and public spaces, spas, shops and public buildings, swimming pools, signpost roads, paths and lighting safety of ships and boats. COBB Fiber optics offers a wide range of LEDs, such as recessed down lights for use in swimming pools or gardens and pathways, spotlights, stairs and steps. We also offer LED marker, LED strips (monochrome or RGB) and Wall Washer for interior and exterior.